Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag and Pierre Cardin


Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag & Pierre Cardin

23 Jul , 2011  

Maison Bulle (Palais Bulle) has to be one of the most extraordin­ary houses on the planet. Sitting on the side of a cliff just out­side Nice, the label ‘vis­ion­ary’ becomes instantly apro­pos the moment you hear the owner’s name — it is none other than the legendary French fash­ion designer, Pierre Cardin…

Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag: Bedroom

Crawling the inter­web for back­ground to an edit­or­ial about organic archi­tects, I chanced upon Antti Lovag and his unique vis­ion of what liv­ing space should be. This would would make a good art­icle to con­trast with the white and glass rect­angles we were doing a lot of on Spaces magazine, but it seemed a long shot; there were no con­tact details and few facts about this elu­sive archi­tect.

Luck came to the res­cue; an uncon­nec­ted con­ver­sa­tion with a PR led to the owner of the Bubble House, Pierre Cardin. He said, “If you want to do a fea­ture, come visit and do some nice pho­tos”. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

We stayed in Nice with Olivier and drove down the coast on a beau­ti­ful Spring morn­ing, up the villa encrus­ted hill at Theoule, look­ing for our space­ship.

A wall, a hedge, a twirly iron gate and the slope of the hill mask any huge rev­el­a­tions from the road. The entrance is rel­at­ively mod­est. From the inside, the house gives up it’s secrets room by room.

You can view the art­icle as it appeared in Spaces magazine — click it to view full­screen (Flash — I’ll get an html com­pat­ible ver­sion on here when I find a suit­able plat­form).

I always felt that there was a lot more to this story than we man­aged to cover in our short inter­view with Pierre Cardin, so I will try to update this fea­ture with Antti Lovag’s story. I hope to have some­thing for you by August/September. More pho­tos, includ­ing some never seen before, will be pos­ted here on

Latest: My dear friend Beatrice man­aged to visit Antti and recor­ded their con­ver­sa­tion. I will have a tran­script when she gets time to trans­late it to English. In the mean­time, if you have any use­ful inform­a­tion about Maison Bulle or Antti Lovag, please get in touch or post a com­ment below.

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