Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag and Pierre Cardin


Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag & Pierre Cardin

23 Jul , 2011  

Maison Bulle (Palais Bulle) has to be one of the most extraordinary houses on the planet. Sitting on the side of a cliff just outside Nice, the label ‘visionary’ becomes instantly apropos the moment you hear the owner’s name — it is none other than the legendary French fashion designer, Pierre Cardin…

Maison Bulle by Antti Lovag: Bedroom

Crawling the interweb for background to an editorial about organic architects, I chanced upon Antti Lovag and his unique vision of what living space should be. This would would make a good article to contrast with the white and glass rectangles we were doing a lot of on Spaces magazine, but it seemed a long shot; there were no contact details and few facts about this elusive architect.

Luck came to the rescue; an unconnected conversation with a PR led to the owner of the Bubble House, Pierre Cardin. He said, “If you want to do a feature, come visit and do some nice photos”. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

We stayed in Nice with Olivier and drove down the coast on a beautiful Spring morning, up the villa encrusted hill at Theoule, looking for our spaceship.

A wall, a hedge, a twirly iron gate and the slope of the hill mask any huge revelations from the road. The entrance is relatively modest. From the inside, the house gives up it’s secrets room by room.

You can view the article as it appeared in Spaces magazine – click it to view fullscreen (Flash – I’ll get an html compatible version on here when I find a suitable platform).

I always felt that there was a lot more to this story than we managed to cover in our short interview with Pierre Cardin, so I will try to update this feature with Antti Lovag’s story. I hope to have something for you by August/September. More photos, including some never seen before, will be posted here on

Latest: My dear friend Beatrice managed to visit Antti and recorded their conversation. I will have a transcript when she gets time to translate it to English. In the meantime, if you have any useful information about Maison Bulle or Antti Lovag, please get in touch or post a comment below.

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