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Pecha Kucha at designjunction [LDF2011]

5 Oct , 2011   Gallery

Somewhere in the middle of 22,000 sq ft of designjunc­tion splend­our we sat down and listened to the 11 brave souls who stood between us and the free bar at Pecha Kucha. Actually, they did pretty well and we had our beers stashed away under a robust Vitra EA 105 chair any­how. A big audi­ence in a big space (lots more than can squeeze into Modus!) James Dyson watch­ing from son Jake’s stand near the front, dodgy acous­tics, video cam­eras all over the place. Enough to make even a pol­ished speaker nervous.

Pecha Kucha at LDF2011 poster
The format allows the speakers to use 20 slides for 20 seconds each played mecilessly on a laptop and projected on a large screen. Devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham to stop designers and architects from droning on for too long in front of their beautiful presentations. The first one was in 2003 and if you haven’t been to one yet, you should go. Pecha Kucha is Japanese for chit-chat.

We were enter­tained and edu­cated in equal meas­ure, from riot­ing pros­ti­tutes to over­spilled sand-cast­ing. Helen Parton kicked off with a whizzy tour of office interi­ors but I didn’t get to shoot her due to chat involve­ments. Sorry Helen. Here are the oth­ers:

:: Sam Johnson ::
Sam Johnson at Pecha Kucha
“From a speak­ers per­spect­ive it was a tough audi­ence! PK was designed to stop cre­at­ives talk­ing for hours on end and to keep the audi­ence engaged: it’s a resound­ing suc­cess. Next step — politi­cians?”

:: Barbara Chandler ::
Barbara Chandler at Pecha Kucha
“I don’t think my minutes on stage really qual­i­fied as ‘design’ as I was read­ing out the quotes that go with the pho­to­graphs in my book, Love London. But the audi­ence took their slugs of poetry and prose pretty well, I thought, though maybe it’s just because they couldn’t hear me prop­erly!”

:: Joseph Sung ::
Joseph Sung at Pecha Kucha
“The world is over-designed. I want to ‘erase’ design by blend­ing into the envir­on­ment in which people live, breathe and func­tion. The whole paradigm is chan­ging in the brand design world: expens­ive does not mean lux­ury any­more. This is the Apple era — give the people the abil­ity to do things them­selves, because they want to.”

:: Shin Azumi ::
Shin Azumi at Pecha Kucha
Shin Azumi Studio

:: Omer Arbel ::
Omer Arbel at Pecha Kucha
“Think about Form”

:: Dominic Wilcox ::
Dominic Wilcox at Pecha Kucha, London LDF 2011

:: Marcus Fairs ::
Marcus Fairs at Pecha Kucha

:: Will Hunter ::
Will Hunter at Pecha Kucha
Editor at Architectural Review

:: Beau McClellan ::
Beau McClellan at Pecha Kucha
Beau McClellan

:: Luke Pearson ::
Luke Pearson at Pecha Kucha
PearsonLloyd Design

Brit Leissler was over from Berlin to visit London Design Festival 2011 and do a bit of blog­ging for Core77 and we both gave designjunc­tion a thumbs up. We kid­napped Beau after­wards and dragged him to the Press Room so that Brit could inter­view him; I’ll post the video if I can get hold of it.

Congratulations to Deborah Spencer et al for put­ting together the show and the brand. Looking for­ward to more shows from this col­lab­or­a­tion.

New Post: Pecha Kucha at Clerkenwell Design Week 2012.

Pecha Kucha was hosted by designjunction at Victoria House Basement, 37 – 63 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4DA on Friday 23 September 2011 as part of London Design Festival 2011.
Words & Photos: © 2011 Ken Sparkes.  All Rights Reserved.

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