Trafalgar Sun by Greyworld [Public Art]

24 Jan , 2012  

'Trafalgar Sun' installation by Greyworld, Trafalgar Square, London WC2

The sun had set 20 minutes earlier and the Number 24 bus lumbered up Whitehall towards a glowing orange ball of fire burning just behind Nelson’s Column. The new Sun was courtesy of Greyworld who seemed to think that a 2500kg balloon consuming 210kW in order to emit 4-million lumens of sodium-discharge light, for one day only, would add a cheerful spark to (statistically) the most depressing day of the year.

I asked them, ‘Why on earth did you do it?’

“Creating the Trafalgar Sun was an exciting project for greyworld. Our work is all about public space, and it’s potential for unexpected joy. Add the wintry setting, and we just had to make ourselves a Sun.”
Andrew Shoben at

And these videos show what happened:

The Sun was switched on at dawn and still looked pretty cheerful when I get there after work in the evening. The deckchairs were getting filled up and there seemed to be an awful lot of people just hanging around talking to each other.
Goodness, I think these chaps may be onto something…

Date: Monday 23rd January 2012. Project: Trafalgar Sun. Artist: Greyworld, a group of artists that create public art. Client: Tropicana. Words & pictures: Ken Sparkes. All Rights Reserved

There is some talk of touring the installation – where do you think it should go?

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