You’re Everywhere and Nowhere, Baby

1 Apr , 2011  

Everything is all over the place and it’s mak­ing me depressed, so I’ve decided to slowly move most of my mater­ial to this online col­lec­tion called sprks.

Here will be fea­tures, snip­pets, likes and dis­likes, new and old, pro­jects, pho­to­graphs and writ­ings. I will be migrat­ing the best stuff here and devel­op­ing the site at the same time, so it might look a bit funny here and there. It is April 2011 and it’s a lovely, warm, sunny Spring in London. Good omens.

Photographic port­fo­lio: in the developer, so to speak, but I keep a sort of pho­to­graphic scrap­book on Flickr. Here’s a fancy gal­lery (Flash) for you to pre­view. Try it full­screen.

I seem to have a back­log of posts stretch­ing back to the dawn of time, so this site is going to be some­what ad hoc and un-chro­no­lo­gical, but qual­ity is import­ant and that can’t be rushed. Photographic pro­jects will be also be pos­ted here if they seem of gen­eral interest. Anyone who would like to use any of these pho­tos, please ask me first.

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