Backstage with designersblock at LDF2012


Backstage with designersblock at London Design Festival 2012

20 Sep , 2012  

Designersblock is about to cel­eb­rate turn­ing 15 years old at London Design Festival 2012 with a birth­day party in a little-used space under­neath the Queen Elizabeth Hall and sun­dry other corners of the Southbank com­plex, includ­ing the Royal Festival Hall shop.

You are all invited.

Rory Dodd: ‘I always liked the Southbank; it’s a real cross­roads kind of place. It’s got Londoners and it’s got tour­ists. It’s busy, mul­ti­cul­tural, with a really wide mix of cul­tures and ages com­ing here or passing through.’

Rory Dodd: ‘Designersblock has an unashamedly pop­u­list out­look so this is a great spot for us. We found this amaz­ing area under the Queen Elizabeth Hall that was used as a staff café and stor­age room, yet it’s one of those places that people walk into and say, “Oh, what a fant­astic space!”

Rory Dodd: ‘We try to find new ways of doing things with design­ers­b­lock, so we love open­ing up empty spaces that people haven’t seen before and then trans­form­ing them into some­thing com­pletely new. Then our exhib­it­ors come in and add yet more lay­ers of per­son­al­ity.’

Bud Moore: ‘The idea of tak­ing over the RFH shop really appealed to us; it’s in a very pub­lic space with a broad cross-sec­tion of vis­it­ors. It seemed like the right audi­ence for us. The people at the Southbank have been great to work with espe­cially since the nature of the venue means that arrange­ments can be a bit fluid.’

Bud Moore: ‘I love it that the shop is stocked with these beau­ti­ful things made by people we know and have worked with over the years. It’s almost a fam­ily thing.’

Bud Moore: ‘Some of our less estab­lished design­ers can learn a lot from the actual pro­cess of get­ting a product ready for our shop. In a funny way, my favour­ite products are the design­erb­lock T-shirts. There’s a new design for each show, which kind of reminds me of the jour­ney we are on.’

Piers came down with a bad cold so I hope to ask him some ques­tions today, sneezes per­mit­ting…

designersblock is at the Southbank Centre, London SE1 8XX from 20–23 September 2012. Photos and Interviews: © Ken Sparkes. All Rights Reserved
See more about the designersblock 2012 show at the Southbank.

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