Lee Broom talks at Pecha Kucha for LDF2012 [podcast]

26 Sep , 2012  

British interior and product designer Lee Broom has has designed over 40 bar and res­taur­ant interi­ors across the UK, has won a whole bunch of awards, and The Times called him ‘The pin-up of British man­u­fac­tur­ing’ not too long after he formed his own com­pany in 2008. So, without fur­ther ado, here is the talk with the slides that he presen­ted at PK9:

Lee Broom at Pecha Kucha London [podcast-slideshow-YouTube presentation]

Lee takes us through his child­hood in Birmingham, dra­mas at the Royal Shakespeare Company, col­lege at Central St Martin’s, hav­ing Vivienne Westwood as a mentor, undress­ing Kate Moss, design­ing bars, set­ting up his own design com­pany and exhib­it­ing at Milan. Whew!

PK9 was hosted and organised by Modus, during LDF2012. It was recorded at Deborah Spencer’s awesome Design Junction 2012 show at The Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, WC1A 1AA. Photos, audio & video: © Ken Sparkes. All Rights Reserved.

[Notes: Audio was recor­ded on a Zoom H1 recorder with one chan­nel plugged dir­ect into the desk and the other into a Rode NTG2 shot­gun micro­phone. Audio post was done on Audacity and the bits put together in Première Pro. Thanks to Jon and Lizzie at Modus for the slides.]

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