A Fine Affair: The Black Cat Cabaret at Café de Paris

5 Mar , 2013  

The Black Cat Cabaret

While Boom Boom is on vaca­tion, Café de Paris has been taken over by this new pro­duc­tion fea­tur­ing some BB mem­bers. Last Friday saw the final show for the Black Cat’s open­ing cast, so I went along to see them off.
The Black Cat Cabaret

The fluted columns and vel­vet-lined interior of the Café de Paris evoke the days of Marlene Dietrich, Anna May Wong and Noël Coward, a sym­path­etic envir­on­ment for the Black Cat Cabaret. Front man Dusty Limits, in Montmartre mode, does his irre­press­ible best as ‘Maître des Cérémonies’ for a slightly naughty but mainly nice lineup of London’s estab­lished cab­aret acts.

Black Cat Cabaret poster

The Black Cat Cabaret

Highlights were Katherine Arnold’s accom­plished aer­ial gym­nastics, and a pop­ping reverse striptease by Laurie Hagen (photo at the top of this post) — I wish I had videoed their acts for you.

The Black Cat Cabaret

Laurie Hagen did another turn as agent pro­vocateur, tor­tur­ing a bloke from one of the front tables. I think he enjoyed it more than he let on.

The Black Cat Cabaret

The show itself won’t sur­prise any cab­aret afi­cion­ados but the res­taur­ant was full and every­one I spoke to was hav­ing a swell time. I’m not sure if any of the diners noted the reflec­ted satire of Chrisalys, the Pig From Hell, as he totaled the con­tents of a wine bottle in one go and shoveled food into his face; this was a plush, boozy, West End sup­per cab­aret and, on that score, it was a fine affair.

Written for This Is Cabaret and photographed during the first run of The Black Cat Cabaret at Café de Paris, Coventry Street, Picadilly, London W1D 6BL on 22 February 2013.

The acts were: Sammy Dinneen, Vicky Butterfly, Laurie Hagen, Chrisalys, David Armand as Johann Lipwittz, Katherine Arnold, Tom Baker, Cabaret Rouge, and Laura London.

The show was pro­duced by Dusty Limits, Vicky Butterfly, and David Harris, musical dir­ector Michael Roulston.

The Black Cat Cabaret

Words and photos: © 2013 Ken Sparkes. All Rights Reserved.

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