Building A Community Network: 5Fields

8 Dec , 2015  

I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with an online com­munity net­work for Pimlico, London and I’ve launched a pro­to­type at It’s inten­ded to be a resource for local res­id­ents and busi­nesses to com­mu­nic­ate with each other and to keep up with what’s going on in the area.

Pimlico has his­tor­ic­ally had a fairly strong com­munity, mainly because nobody else was inter­ested in a grimy, bomb-dam­aged back­wa­ter after the WW2 Blitz, and untrendy, nor­mal fam­il­ies could afford to live there. But the London of 2015 is a dif­fer­ent World and lots of it isn’t talk­ing to each other, digit­ally or oth­er­wise. Although our mod­ern life­style no longer includes gos­sip­ing over the garden fence, we need some­thing to replace that net­work.

The site is start­ing out with local Residents Associations, plan­ning and devel­op­ment. Boring but neces­sary!

The site is still a bit wonky but I’d be glad of your com­ments and sug­ges­tions.

Pimlico people and neigh­bours — get in touch!

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