The London Bus: Heatherwick, Maps, and Apps

27 Feb , 2012  

The new London Boris bus made it’s pub­lic debut on route 38 this morn­ing in an event­ful and not entirely wrinkle-free out­ing. It was stalked through the streets by a ven­er­able old route­m­as­ter car­ry­ing pro­test­ers against the recent fare increases which con­tinue London’s fine tra­di­tion of being one of the most expens­ive cap­ital cit­ies for pub­lic trans­port.
The bus itself looks spiff­ing; Thomas Heatherwick has done a ter­rific job of bal­an­cing the con­flict­ing require­ments and yet pro­duced an iconic vehicle which seems to have met near-com­plete approval. Did notice a lot of con­dens­a­tion, though, pos­sibly from hyper­vent­il­at­ing LT staff.
I will write more about the bus, Heatherwicks’s recent lec­ture, and bus stuff in gen­eral, when I get back…

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