My big Sicilian road trip: Where the Gods fell to Earth

1 Apr , 2011  

Erice, near Trapani, Sicily

Zeus’ beautiful daughter Persephone was kidnapped and raped by Hades at Enna and Scylla devoured sailors in the Strait of Messina. ‘You’ll need extra insurance, of course,’ said the man at the car rental desk, ‘this is Sicily’. We insured ourselves to the hilt and headed for the mean streets of Palermo.


Palermo was an Arab caliphate until Roger II invaded and made it the Norman capital of the Kingdom of Sicily, which also included most of Southern Italy, for almost 600 years – the jewel in the Med’s crown. After a short dalliance with Naples and the Unification of Italy in 1860, it continued a long, slow decline, but has never forgotten its proud past. Grand, raw, self-assured and untamed, Palermo may be Italy’s most underrated city.


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You’re Everywhere and Nowhere, Baby

1 Apr , 2011  

Everything is all over the place and it’s making me depressed, so I’ve decided to slowly move most of my material to this online collection called sprks.

Here will be features, snippets, likes and dislikes, new and old, projects, photographs and writings. I will be migrating the best stuff here and developing the site at the same time, so it might look a bit funny here and there. It is April 2011 and it’s a lovely, warm, sunny Spring in London. Good omens.

Photographic portfolio: in the developer, so to speak, but I keep a sort of photographic scrapbook on Flickr. Here’s a fancy gallery (Flash) for you to preview. Try it fullscreen.

I seem to have a backlog of posts stretching back to the dawn of time, so this site is going to be somewhat ad hoc and un-chronological, but quality is important and that can’t be rushed. Photographic projects will be also be posted here if they seem of general interest. Anyone who would like to use any of these photos, please ask me first.

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